Our students train to become artists. They have access to experienced coaches and industry experts, professional training and development, a supportive community of creatives, plus the opportunity to explore their own artistry & self-expression.


Ongoing Classes

Train with Professional TSNW Coaches who are active in the film community with TV and Film credits. Ongoing Classes meet weekly, four times a month. New students welcome at any time!



A variety of Workshops are held each month. This is a great way to get started if you’re new. When you want to hone a particular skill workshops are great for actors at any level. New students welcome!


Professional Services

Choose from a variety of professional services to help build your presence and career: Career Consultations, Filmed Audition Sessions, Private Acting SessionsPrivate Voiceover Sessions and more!


Studio Vibe

The Studio NW is always about the student’s work and the relationship between actors and the coaches. Our Studio Vibe is a friendly place and supportive community of work, service, and dedication.

Rent the Studio!

Our beautiful 2,300 sq. ft. studio is perfect for industry events, auditions, shoots, training and more!


Career Consultations

Students who are committed to their acting career and ready to take it to the next level work closely with The Studio NW founder, actress and director, Katie O’Grady, who mentors you on how best to manage the business of being an actor.


Filmed Auditions

Create a filmed audition piece that can be used for auditions, to accommodate agent and director requests, or to add work to your demo reel. Students receive constructive coaching and an honest perspective to produce professional footage.


Private Acting Sessions

Improve your current skill level or  prepare for an audition or a part you’ve booked. Our professional coaches provide an honest perspective and work closely with students so they can comfortably immerse themselves in a character or scene.


Voiceover Sessions

Advances in technology and multimedia platforms put voiceover actors in demand! Voiceover Sessions train you how to lend your voice to audiobooks, movies, documentaries, film, commercials, video games, and more.